What kind of materials should you use for your pool deck?

Today, almost every pool has deck equipment ranging from diving boards, ladders, hand rails and sliding boards. All these ensure that you enjoy your pool more than before. There are many different types of deck equipment. These can be found in many beautiful textures, designs and styles. Many swimming pool owners use wood, tiles, stones, or concrete material for their pool decks.

It is very important to remember the two things to look for when you are intending to buy pool deck material. Swimming pool decks should be safe and avoid injuring anyone. Therefore, you want to buy material that will never be slippery when it is dry or wet, and one that is not too hot to walk on after a hot summer day. You also want to buy a pool deck that has footings which ensure the strength and safety of the deck. Swimming pool decks can have one or many levels depending on the design that you prefer. Where you locate you deck is also very important. The swimming pool will be used frequently by you and your family, therefore the deck has to be placed in a spot which will ensure that you will enjoy a great scenic view but it should also be at a place where it will minimise the noise to your neighbours.

The decorative, concrete pool deck has become the most popular material used today. This option offers a coloured, textured and inviting area surrounding the pool. It is safe, it is not slippery and it is the best option for sunbathing and barbecuing. Nowadays, concrete pool decks can be decorated and design with as much attention as the interior design of the home. They can be decorated to complement the interior of the home and the outdoor environment. They can be made to duplicate expensive materials such as slate, stone or wood. They are often referred to as cement pool decks and they are very affordable.

Today, swimming pool owners have the option of having either in ground or above ground pool decks. An above ground pool deck may be designed to surround the whole pool or it can cover a small portion of the pool depending on what you prefer. They usually have stairs and railings which add easy access to the pool, and are great for observation and relaxing. Above ground pool decks also have an attractive design which gives your pool a beautiful appearance. Wood can be used as material for the decking and synthetic versions that combine wood and plastic are often used. And the wood can be painted in a desired colour. Aluminium can also be used as material for your pool deck. This can be bought separately but in some pool equipment stores ground pools are sold with aluminium decking systems.

Concrete material is the popular choice for ground level pool decks. It is strong, affordable and long lasting. It is also the best option for ground level pool decks because , unlike bricks, weeds cannot grow through. Many companies are dyeing, stamping or stencilling concrete to make it look like stones such as cobblestone, tiles or bricks. Patterns and different colours are added giving you the most beautiful and safe pool deck material. The price of a concrete deck usually costs more than normal concrete because it is stamped, stencilled or coloured in various patterns. The price differs depending on the pattern, the tone and the amount of time it took to make the design. In some cases a concrete pool deck may cost less than many natural stone.

The type of material you chose to use for your pool deck will also depend largely on where the deck is being built, how frequently the deck will be used and by how many people at a given time and it also depends on how much time the owner is willing to devote to cleaning and maintaining the pool.