Pool pH/ORP Water Tester

Digital pH/ORP combination pool water test meter with advanced functions and waterproof. The new model now display pH and ORP measurements simultaneously.
Price: $191.95

Pool Water pH and ORP Test Meter

The New Hanna pH/ORP waterproof combination pool water tester with advanced functions. The new model now includes simultaneous pH and ORP measurements.

The pH/ORP pool water test meter also reads temperature, which is continuously displayed on the dual level LCD. The pH electrode fiber junction can be easily pulled out for replenishment. The pH electrode cartridge can be quickly replaced with the supplied electrode removal tool. The encapsulated external stainless steel temperature sensor provides a quick response due to its close proximity to the pH electrode.

It works with common batteries and displays the percentage of battery life remaining when turned on. The stability indicator ensures reliable readings. Supplied complete with protective cap, electrode removal tool, batteries and instructions.

  • Dual-level LCD
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Replaceable pH electrode cartridge
  • Please note that Calibration Fluid and Storage Solution are required for operation of this device and may be purchased seperately.