3 inch Chlorine Tablets

America's Best pool chlorine tablets for swimming pool sanitation!
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America's Best Buy for the Freshest and Strongest 3" Chlorine Tablets available!

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Our Premium Stabilized 3" pool chlorine tablets and other concentrated chlorinating pool chemicals are the finest you can buy! Ours just cost Less! Plus, the Powerful 99% active ingredient provides 90% available chlorine making our 3" chlorine tabs the strongest! EPA approved and stabilized against harmful UV rays from the sun. Convenient for use in floating chlorinators, skimmers and automatic feeders. Each individually wrapped swimming pool 3" chlorine tablet weighs 7 ounces.

3 inch chlorine tablets have many advantages. First of all, they're individually wrapped so you never handle the product directly. Secondly, there's minimal dust and flaking because America's Best 3" pool chlorine tablets are very hard and tightly compressed. This tablet compression also results in a longer lasting chlorine tablet that dissolves more evenly for the slowest erosion rate possible. Super Slow dissolving tablets provide more even chlorination, less frequent application, greater efficiency and less waste. You’ll find that our 3 inch chlorine tabs dissolve completely without residue or a ring around the pool with America's Best price chlorinating tablets.

Quality and Savings for you from Americas Best!

  • Keeps pool water safe and clean by eliminating dangerous contaminants
  • Use one 3 inch pool chlorine tab per 7,500 gallons per week
  • Our hottest selling tablet weighs 7 oz.
  • 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione
  • Powerful 90% Available Chlorine!
  • Stabilized chlorine is U.V. protected.
  • Convenient for use in floating chlorinators, automatic feeders and skimmers
  • Each tablet is individually wrapped
  • Slow release 3 inch pool chlorine tablets require less frequent applications

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