FROG Serene Floating System

FROG Serene Floating System
Price: $34.99

Frog Serene Floating Spa Care System  easy spa and hot tub care! 
Frog Serene Floating System spa chemicals will transform your spa or hot tub into a luxurious spa water environment for soothing relaxation while reducing the need for Bromine by up to 50%! 

Frog Serene uses a pre-filled mineral cartridge and a pre-filled bromine cartridge that snaps into a reusable floating holder. It works in any spa.

Serene mineral and bromine cartridges are easily snapped into the floater and can be adjusted to meet the sanitizing needs of virtually any spa or hot tub size. Frog minerals purify and sanitize to control bacteria and helps to keep the pH neutral. Replace the mineral cartridge every 4 months when you drain and refill your spa. The Serene bromine cartridge will last 2-4 weeks depending on the size of your spa and use and needs replaced when empty.

A2596 Serene Mineral Replacement Cartridge (Blue)
A2594 Serene Bromine Replacement Cartridge (Yellow)