Ultra-therm Floating Spa Cover

Floating spa covers are the perfect way to reduce hot tub evaporation, heating cost and help to extend the life of hot tub covers.
Price: $114.99

Ultra-therm™ deluxe floating spa blankets insulate and help to extend the life of your spa cover!

Our Ultra-Therm™ Floating Spa Cover insulating spa blankets are not like many others! Made of a special smooth-surface closed cell foam, they do not absorb water. Far superior to flimsy bubble blankets which disintegrate into messy flakes over time. Unlike conventional closed-cell blankets, ours have a smoother surface which insulates better and provides less surface area for bacteria and algae to lodge and grow. Works as an additional heating system in conjunction with your spa hard cover. Reduces evaporation by up to 90%-- and this saves energy. Reduces chemical usage by keeping your sanitizer from dissipating rapidly into the air.

Most important, it helps protect the underside of your spa cover from costly ozone deterioration and damage! If your spa isn't used everyday, the harsh ozone gases can build up and cause deterioration to spa pillows and the underside of your spa hard cover. 

The special Blue/Black Ultra-Therm™ lays completely flat (does not curl up at the edges) and is much easier to fold or drape for storage when your hot tub is being used. Easily trimmed with scissors to fit all types of spas. Install black side down. Limited 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty.

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