Hayward H100 Gas Heater

Hayward H-Series H100 heater provides fast heating for above ground pools.

Hayward Pool Heaters - H-Series H100 Electronic - 100,000 BTU Gas Heater for Above Ground Pools and Spas

Hayward H-Series H100 above ground swimming pool heaters represent the very latest in heater technology for swimming pools and spas. Advanced features include a rust resistant water path with polymer header assembly, a rapid-heat combustion chamber and direct spark ignition system for optimum performance and extended product life. This particular model above ground pool heater has Electronic ignition and an internal 115V draft fan to create superior efficiency, both are for better economy.

Hayward H-series H100 pool heaters are simple to install, thanks to its low profile design, light weight, and exclusive CPVC plumbing capability. Includes built-in outdoor draft hood. Ready to plumb into your existing pool filtration system. It accepts a 3/4" gas line connection, although the gas supply line size should be determined and installed by a licensed Professional and it's diameter depends on how far the supply source is from this size pool heater. 

Hayward 100,000 pool heater is specifically designed for the following above ground pool sizes:

Round pools up to 21 ft. diameter

Oval pools up to 15' x 30'

Rectangular On-ground pools up to 16' x 24'

Large Spas

**Not for installation at an elevation greater than 2,000 feet above sea-level. 

Please note: This heater now comes in the color black only (not pictured). 
Hayward H-series H100 pool heater will allow you to enjoy your above ground pool even more! There's nothing like the feel of soft ripples of warm, soothing water to relax, as you gaze upon the crystal clear blue that is your swimming pool. Now your family are enjoying your newly heated swimming pool to its fullest. And so are you. The decision to add a recreational water heater to you swimming pool can single-handedly warm your heart on even the chilliest Indian summer's night. 

Hayward H-series H100 pool heater is coveted for its ability to let you use your above ground pool earlier in the year. It also lets you swim, comfortably, long after your friends have abandoned their pools for the season. 

Hayward H-series gas pool heater lengthens your swimming day - so you can exercise early each morning, or entertain later each
evening. Come on in...the water's fine! One of the best investments you ever made!

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