Hayward AquaTrol Above Ground Pool chlorine generator works automatically converting salt into chlorine every day while you're filtering your above ground pool. Free Shipping!

Aqua-Trol Above Ground Chlorine Generator

Price: $839.00

Hayward Aqua-Trol above ground pool chlorine generator

Hayward Aquatrol electronic chlorine generator with 24 hour timer


Hayward AquaTrol chlorine generator sanitizes automatically for Above Ground Pools up to 18,000 Gallons. Benefits... Pure, crystal-clear water in your pool! Enjoy the Convenience of automatically producing your own chlorine from low level salt. Hayward AquaTrol provides 100% of your above ground pool chlorine sanitation needs including super chlorination! Simply adjust a dial for more or less chlorine production according to your pool size.

AquaTrol Above Ground Pool Chlorine Generator works automatically every day while you’re pool filtration system is running, whether you're at home or away. AquaTrol consistently produces the right amount of chlorine which you control for a more precise chlorine level. Algae and bacteria never even start to grow. So your pool water can always beautiful and crystal clear - you'll notice the difference! The water is soft and has a smooth, silky feel. No more itchy skin. No more red eyes. No more hair problems.

Hayward Aqua Trol chlorine generators work automatically converting salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine every day while you are filtering your pool. The constant level of chlorine keeps the water crystal clear and ready for swimming at any time - and best of all eliminates all the traditional hassles of dealing with chlorine products and eliminates green pool water for good. The salt in the water is below the level for taste, yet still has the beneficial effects of softening the water and preventing dry skin and stinging eyes. After the chlorine oxidizes the bacteria and algae in the pool, it is converted back to salt. This recycling means that some additional salt only needs to be added to the pool 1 or 2 times per year. Cost savings… The investment in automation is low compared to other sanitized choices and will pay for itself.

Use the built-in auto-timer to control pool filtering cycles for pumps up to 1 HP and reduce your electrical cost. AquaTrol above ground pool Chlorine Generators provide 100% of your pools chlorine requirement. Most above ground pools require less than $20 of additional salt per year! Features... Operation is fully automatic. AquaTrol Chlorinates above ground swimming pools up to 18,000 gallons. Simply adjust a dial for chlorine output control. Salt level is digitally displayed. Only 3000 ppm of salt content is needed to sanitize your pool water. Plug-in line cord for easy installation and operation. (if you are required to use a "twist-lock" style power cord, please contact us or note this in the comments section of your order. Twist-lock cord model is a special order and may take up to 2 weeks).

  • No “salty” taste
  • Self cleaning
  • Plug-in line cord for easy installation operation.
  • Standard 3-prong plug with ground;  120v AC ready.
  • Controls filter pumps up to 1 HP.
  • Hose adaptors or pipe.
  • Large cell design - minimum pressure drop.
  • Exclusive 3 year limited manufacturer warranty (See warranty statement for details.)
  • UL Listed.

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  Hayward AquaTrol Saltwater Chlorine Generator for above ground swimming pools

This is the Hayward Aqua-Trol HP model, which installs horizontally as pictured. The HP model is equipped with a flow sensor. The RJ model does not have a flow sensor.