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Spa Chemicals and Hot Tub Chemicals

  America's Best Pool Supply features the top national brands of hot tub and spa chemicals, accessories, maintenance products and supplies that you already know and trust!

Shop and save on discount spa and hot tub chemical sanitizers like spa bromine, spa chlorine granules, non-chlorine and chlorine spa shock treatments. Minimize spa and hot tub cleaning and maintenance by balancing the water using our spa metal removers, spa water pH and calcium hardness balancers, spa filter cleaners, foam out, total alkalinity increaser and alternative spa and hot tub chemicals. We offer everything you need to help maintain a clean, clear and safe spa or hot tub!

We strongly recommend that you maintain your spa or hot tub water using chlorine or spa bromine sanitizers to ensure that the water is safe. Spa and hot tub care is similar to the water sanitation of a swimming pool, except that it is even more important because the spa is usually only 250 to 500 gallons of water. Bromine is the spa and hot tub sanitizer of choice over chlorine. The difference is that bromine sanitizer is more effective and lasts longer in warm water than chlorine.
Bromine spa chemicals is also superior to chlorine because once free available chlorine combines with bather waste, it loses its  sanitizing capability. Bromine will retain some sanitizing ability. When an oxygen based, non-chlorine spa shock treatment is used, the bromine sanitizer will be reactivated. Chlorine and bromine are both members of the chemical family called halogens. The way that chlorine and bromine spa products kill microorganisms and bacteria is by attacking their cell walls through a process called oxidation. These sanitizers then destroy the enzymes and structures inside these cells, which then render them harmless.  

We recommend the following hot tub and spa sanitizers. Leisure Time spa chemicals has as very diverse line of traditional style hot tub chemicals to suit the desire of any spa or hot tub owner. Whether you use bromine tablets in a floater or build your own bank of bromine in the spa water. They have developed a simple spa care routine for you.
We offer the strongest chlorine and non-chlorine sanitizers and spa shock that work well in conjunction with hot tubs equipped with ozonators. Americas Best Pool Supply has just what you need, whether your spa chemical maintenance choice is bromine, chlorine, biguanide, mineral ionization, non-chlorine or alternative spa chemicals.

Balanced Spa and Hot Tub Water:
No matter which hot tub sanitizing system you choose, keeping the spa water balanced is essential to your enjoyment of the spa or hot tub. Balanced spa water means that the pH, total alkalinity and hardness levels of the water are all within the proper test range. Problems arise when any of these levels are too high or low. Unbalanced spa water can become corrosive or cause the formation of scale deposits. Corrosive hot tub water also attacks the integrity of metal components within the spa water pathway, such as heater damage and causes pitting, etching and staining to these types of components. If the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness level is too high, scale formation can result. Scale formation causes cloudy spa water, surface staining and can shorten filter cleaning cycles. Any of these conditions can cause problems for the spa, and irritations, especially of the eyes and skin, for the people using it.

At America's Best, we offer a wide variety of hot tub maintenance chemicals including chlorine, bromine, biguanide, Spa RX, nature2, Spa Frog, EZ Spa water treatments and more! Everyone desires to use different methods of hot tub water sanitation that fit their personal needs and desires.