Pool Chemical Kits

Swimming Pool Opening and Closing Chemical Kits and Chemical Value Packages

Spring pool opening start-up kits and w
inter closing kits will simplify your pool care!

Our swimming pool chemical value packages provide you with all the essential chemicals to treat your pool for the season. Our chemical value kits consist of strongest and most popular pool chlorine plus pool shock! Simply select the value package that is best for your pool size. You may need to use some additional chemicals during the season because of weather and how long your pool is open, compared to the average. These chemical value packages should provide just what you need for your swimming pool. These special chemical kits give you what you need and save you money over buying them separately!

Our pool opening and closing chemical kits have just what you need for your pool start-up or pool winterizing. They are designed so that all the contents are put into the water according to pool size. This makes it very convenient without measuring. Our pool winter closing kits or opening kits are designed so you do not have to measure for winter pool closing. Our winter closing chemicals have proven success! For many years they have been used to prevent algae and clear the water. We offer non-chlorine winter closing kits. This kit can used to close your pool right the first time! Some people disconnect the equipment and winterize it before adding the winter closing chemicals. Since the equipment is winterized, it is best to use non-chlorine chemicals, because they can be safely added directly into the water without harming the interior pool finish. Although, it is better to circulate the chemicals for a couple hours prior to winterizing or opening the pool.