Chemical Feeders

Automatic Chlorinators and Automatic Pool Chemical Feeders by Hayward, Perform-Max, Rainbow, New Water and Pool Frog for Swimming Pools! 


Automatic Swimming Pool Chlorinators and Pool Chemical Feeders

Automatic pool chemical feeders and pool chlorinators make your pool care much easier and convenient. Many pool owners start out introducing pool chemical sanitizers into the water by hand or have used the pool skimmer as a dispensing method for bromine or chlorine tablets. The pool equipment manufacturers do not recommend using the skimmer to dispense chlorine tablets and chlorine sticks. This delivery method can damage your pool equipment, especially if you have a pool heater. You can administer chlorine properly, save time and hassle by using an automatic pool chemical feeder or pool chlorinator with your inground or above ground swimming pool.

Pool chemical feeders also give you the ability to control how quickly and how much chemical is being released into the water, so you can reduce your chemical cost and have safer water. You save money because your have control of the dose and erosion rate. You will save time by only having to fill the feeder or chlorinator roughly once every couple weeks, depending on the size of swimming pool you’re treating.

Automatic pool chlorinators and pool chemical feeders are the preferred way for controlled and more economical chemical distribution. There are also non-chlorine pool sanitation systems that use feeders in the same manner for controlled distribution of minerals and chemicals into the pool or spa water.

Pool chemical feeders and pool chlorinators are both available in two versions, in-line or off-line. To determine whether to use an in-line or off-line chlorine chemical feeder, you will need to examine the configuration of your existing pool equipment and the length of the PVC plumbing line after all the equipment, where the line returns back to the pool. If the return line is horizontal to the ground and it’s about 18 to 24 inches long before it turns down into the ground, you may easily install an in-line chlorine or chemical feeder. If not, you’ll need to use an off-line model. Off-line pool chlorinators and feeders don't need the amount of line space that in-line units do, since they deliver chemicals through their own smaller diameter off-line tubes that are drilled and tapped into the existing pool PVC plumbing lines.

All automatic pool chlorinators and pool chemical feeders should always be the last piece of equipment installed into the pool plumbing return line to prevent possible chemical damage to other swimming pool equipment.