Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

Solar Covers for Above Ground Swimming pools in different thicknesses, blue, black and clear colors.

Our above ground pool solar blanket is pre-cut to fit round or oval pools, yet they may be trimmed with scissors to fit slightly smaller pool sizes. Solar blankets for above-ground pools will gradually raise the water temperature by capturing and transferring heat absorbed from sunlight during the day and insulating to retain the heat at night. An aboveground pool solar blanket is the most economical choice to maintain warm pool water and to help extend your swim season. Our above ground swimming pool solar covers are available in 5 Mil, 8 Mil, 12 Mil and 16 Mil thicknesses. Although a 5 Mil pool solar cover is the most economical choice, selecting a thicker 8 or 12 mil solar pool cover provides even greater heat retention and longer service. Our thickest 16 Mil solar pool covers are either all clear or our Ultra-clear, which combines a clear top with an aluminized bottom that together maximizes the sun’s warming rays and reflects the heat absorbed back into the pool.