In Ground Pool Solar Blankets

In Ground Pool Solar Blankets

In Ground pool solar blankets in extra heavy thickness for maximum durability. Free shipping!

Buy Americas Best in-ground pool solar blanket at a fantastic Low Price plus we have Free Shipping! An in-ground pool solar cover will reduce pool water evaporation and heat loss from the pool surface. They will add some extra warmth to your pool that is free from the sun. An inground pool solar blanket can raise the water temperature as much as 10 to 15 degrees. Using a solar pool cover not only insulates against wind and cool temperatures, keeping the water warmer, but it helps to lower gas or electric pool heating costs. In-ground swimming pool solar blankets for summer make the pool water feel more enjoyable. All standard sizes of in-ground pool solar covers are rectangle, but they will fit other pool shapes too. You need to order a solar blanket that is large enough to cover the entire swim area of your pool and then trim the cover using scissors to fit your pool perfectly. Available in Blue, Blue-Black, Clear and Ultra Clear with different thicknesses.