Pool Heat Pumps

Heat pump swimming pool heaters for in ground and above ground swimming pools will make the water more enjoyable for all your swimming activities at the lowest heating cost! Reduce your pool heating cost to about half of the cost of gas swimming pool heaters!

Pool heat pump heaters are very energy efficient! They can provide all the pool heating you need for a pool or spa! Adding a pool heat pump is truly one of the wisest investments you could make for your pool in any climate. Heat pump pool heaters provide pleasurable warm water that is ready to enjoy when you are. Experience a more comfortable swimming environment and extend your swim season.

Today, more eco-friendly and energy saving options have become a major focus for swimming pool owners. Heat pump pool heaters are better for the environment and provide greater energy savings in the household budget. Only solar heaters are more eco-friendly than heat pump swimming pool heaters, but often they are not practical in many backyards and geographical areas.

Initially, the cost to purchase a heat pump swimming pool heater is about twice the cost of gas pool heaters. This cost difference is recovered within the first few years of ownership because of the pool heat pumps great energy savings. Heat pump pool heaters efficiency is rated at 500-600% compared to 82-86% for a gas heater. Pool heat pumps are powered by electricity and operate by absorbing and transferring heat from the surrounding air using a compressor into your pool’s water.

In fact, heat pump pool heaters require very little electricity to run and do not emit noxious fumes, which is why they are the first choice by environmentally conscious pool owners. The pool heat pump energy cost savings will make up for the purchase price difference within the first few years.

To make sure you are getting the right heat pump pool heater for your pool and budget, we need to look at the efficiency ratings and BTU sizes. Heat pump pool heater efficiency ratings use a scale called coefficient of performance (C.O.P.). The higher the C.O.P., the more money you will save on your pool heating cost. Remember though, any pool heat pump can cut your swimming pool heating cost in half or more compared to gas pool heaters.

At Americas Best Pool Supply, we offer only the highest quality, most advanced heat pump pool heaters for above ground and in ground swimming pools. The top names in swimming pool heat pumps are AquaCal, Hayward and Aqua Pro.