Salt Chlorine Generators

Salt chlorine generators keep pool water clean and clear for the lowest cost!   

America's best salt-water pools! Salt chlorine generators, automatic salt chlorinators and salt systems will make all the chlorine that your swimming pool needs for just pennies each day!

Salt chlorine generators help resolve pool water clarity and safety issues! A salt system provides pristine water, clear and safe for your family’s enjoyment. If you are tired of paying the high cost of chlorine and do not like to breathe, handle or store hazardous chlorine products, then a chlorine generator is for you! You can escape the high cost and make your own chlorine! You could save hundreds of dollars by making you own.

Chlorine generators make chlorine from the salt in your newly converted salt water pool. A salt chlorine generator can reduce your pool sanitation cost to twenty to twenty-five dollars a year. They can make all the chlorine your pool needs even your pool shock!

The salt makes the pool water soft and more enjoyable. The salt content is low. This low salt level is more comforting to our eyes and skin than swimming in a pool without it. It takes only a teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water.

Salt chlorinators for help to eliminate the pool care anxieties and frustration trying to keep the pool water algae-free, clear and safe. A salt system will make your pool care simple, safe and convenient! You will not need to struggle with chlorine containers, breath choking chlorine fumes or have chlorine storage and handling hazards.

Salt-water pool chlorinators allow you more time to swim while it maintains the safety and clarity of your pool. The precise control puts the right amount of chlorine into your pool. You can adjust the output for a more consistent low level. Now it is easy to destroy algae, bacteria and to oxidize contaminants. Better control helps to prevent damage to pool surfaces and to eliminate chlorine spikes, drift and fluctuation.