Solar Cover Reels

 Pool solar cover reels or rollers are the simple solution so you can stop struggling to remove your solar blanket!

A solar pool cover reel helps to prevent the need to pull, tug or drag your solar cover anymore! You can manage the cover easily with one person!

Swimming pool solar cover reels allow you to easily remove and install a solar blanket. A pool cover reel or pool cover roller will help keep the solar blanket neat during removal and re-installation. This will also help to extend the life of the solar cover.

We stock economy priced above ground solar reels and in ground pool solar reels. We also stock a high quality solar pool reel for in-ground pools, commercial solar reel and pool reel systems.

All solar cover reels have an aluminum pole that is strong enough to span the across the pool without bending. The handle end of the reel may be made of aluminum or plastic. We recommend that you get a higher quality solar reel with aluminum ends. The plastic ends will need replaced in about four to five years. The plastic ends get very dry, brittle and crack from sunlight exposure. Generally, you will not need to replace a solar blanket reel with aluminum handle ends. The cost to buy economy solar reels and then replace the ends could exceed the cost of buying a better quality solar cover roller. Universal solar strap kits are available for a solar pool reel. Straps wear and need replaced every few years.