Pool Water Testing Kits

Test Kits for Swimming Pool Water Testing

Pool test strips are easy to use. Just dip and read, accurate test results in just seconds!

We offer pool test kits for all levels of swimming pool management. No matter what requirement you have from commercial to residential pools. We feature Taylor FAS-DPD and other DPD pool testing kits that offer the most accurate test results available. You will find Taylor replacement test reagents for all of these test kits here. For those who prefer that most technological advanced or require a frequent pool water testing method, check out our digital pH/ORP or saltwater pool test meters.

AquaChek pool test strips are easy to use. They work like litmus paper - Just dip, wait 15 seconds, compare to the color chart on the bottle and you are done! 
AquaChek pool water testing strips make swimming pool and spa care is more simplified. You don't need to be a chemist to know what's going on in your pool or spa to keep the water clean and healthy. 

Swimming pool and spa water test kits by AquaChek are easy to use. The test strip was developed for quality pool and spa water testing. It's the pool water testing solution that eliminated the guesswork and usually take less than a minute to complete. Now, the information you need to keep the water balanced is right at your fingertips! Pool and Spa owners do not mind making a commitment to perform a regular weekly routine to keep the water clean because the pool and spa water testing is so quick, accurate and easy using Aquacheck dip-n-read pool water test strips.

AquaChek now makes pool or spa water testing even simpler! Introducing their new AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader! This will help thousands who have difficulty with color vision and eliminate the challenges with visual reading of any form of color compared test results. The AquaCheck TruTest Pool Test Strip Reader provides a large LCD display with numerical water test results that will make pool and spa water testing fast, safe, accurate and yea, even fun!

AquaChek and Taylor pool water test kits and test reagents provide the accurate results for the chemical adjustments you need!