Solar Blankets


 Swimming Pool Solar Blankets, Covers and Rings

Provide your family and friends with a more enjoyable and longer swim season! Pool owners who use a solar pool cover enjoy more comfortable swimming a few weeks earlier and later than those who do not. The benefits provided from using a solar cover is economical pool heating and their low cost compared to other pool heating options.

In casual conversation, the terms “pool solar cover” and “pool solar blanket” are used interchangeably for the same swimming pool product. No matter which one you use, a swimming pool solar blanket reduces pool water evaporation and heat loss from the pool surface due to wind, temperature and other factors. Swimming pool solar covers have another benefit and that is that they add extra warmth to your pool water that is free from energy and heat produced by sunlight. With the proper amount of sunlight exposure, this pool heating blanket can raise the water temperature as much as 10 to 15 degrees!

How does a pool heating cover work?
A swimming pool solar cover floats on the surface of the water because it is made of thousands of puncture resistant, sealed air cells called bubbles. When exposed to sunlight, the temperature inside these small bubbles gets very hot. The captured heat inside the bubbles is transferred directly to the pool water surface.

What is the right way to install a solar cover? Place the cover on the water with the bubble side facing down, smooth side up. Although solar pool covers are light and fairly easy to handle, many people choose to use a solar reel to make cover handling easier. 

What is the best way to use a solar cover? We recommend that the cover should always be installed on the pool during the swim season except when you are swimming. The cover should always be removed when you super-chlorinate or shock your pool until the chlorine level returns to the normal range to prevent deterioration of the cover. When removed, the cover should be placed in the shade or protected from direct sun exposer. Following these care instructions will help extend the useful life of the cover.

My pool has a heater. Why should I buy a solar blanket? Using a swimming pool solar blanket not only insulates against wind and cool temperatures, maintaining the warmth of the water you paid to heat, but it will significantly help to lower gas and electric pool heating costs.

Can I get a cover to fit a kidney or free-form shaped pool? All standard sizes of in-ground pool solar covers are rectangle, but they will fit other pool shapes too. You need to order a pool solar blanket that is large enough to cover the entire swim area of your pool and then trim the cover using scissors to fit your pool perfectly.