Pool Slides and Diving Boards

Pool Slides and Swimming Pool Diving Boards

We have an exciting selection of residential swimming pool sliding boards and diving boards! SR Smith and Inter-Fab are the Top pool slide and board manufacturers for residential pools. We bring the thrill of a water park into your own backyard with their new innovative designs!

The most innovative and popular designs of swimming pool slides for the residential backyard! Pool slides have become the most popular option with parents and their children alike for pool entertainment and enjoyment. Some of the new pool slide features that pool owners are raving about are, that the slides are very durable, have an attractive apperance, and feature maintenance-free finishes which compliment the backyard setting. Pool slides add to the recreational atmosphere of the backyard, delivering larger water volumes of water for faster action. More Curve - More Fun! The new designs of pool slide ramps let you feel more inertia on the curves and more rise and downward body motion, which truly enhances the thrill! Add the attraction and excitement to your in-ground pool this season! Children of all ages will make memories of having hours of fun and pleasure that will last a lifetime! 

The improvements made by sliding board equipment manufacturers over the last decade have greatly increased their demand and popularity. We have all of the fun pool slides and diving boards you are looking for, at delivered discount prices that you are sure to enjoy too!

Replacement diving boards that are strong and durable from Inter-Fab. If you need to replace a diving board be sure to follow the manufacturer provided instructions and recommendations for pool safety.  When replacing a diving board, be sure to measure the length of your existing board and measure the bolt pattern dimensions, so your replacement diving board will fit your board mounting base correctly. If the existing board on your pool is six foot long, you must replace it using only a board of the same length and bolt pattern to be safe for use.