Pool Pumps

Swimming Pool Pumps by Pentair and Hayward Pool Products

We stock pool pumps by Hayward Pool Products and Pentair Water for in ground and above ground pools. We offer energy saving 2 speed and variable speed pumps that will pay for themselves in electrical cost savings. We also carry low price economy pumps that will provide great performance to keep you pool clean and clear. Free shipping for all our quality pool equipment!

We stock a variety of pool pumps for above ground pools, in-ground pools and spas. High performance pool pumps provide the best pool water circulation to keep your swimming pool clean and clear all season. 

The most efficient pool pumps operate at the minimum speed and energy consumption needed for proper pool water circulation. In recent years vast improvements have been made in swimming pool pumps, especially in pool pump motor technology. Some of these pool pump improvements include permanent magnet motors and adjustable digital controls that make two speed pool pumps, variable speed pool pumps or variable flow pool pumps the best choice over single speed pumps for energy conscious pool owners.

Two-speed pool pumps are a very popular choice. They come from the factory with two speeds the are manually switched from full speed at 3450 RPM to low speed at 1725 RPM. Low speed operation is sufficient for most pool filtration systems, unless your swimming pool have a very large swim area. So they are not the most efficient for every pool size and pools equipted with water features. These pool pumps do reduce the electrical energy cost. Just remember that the slowest pool pump operating speed or flow required to get a job done will always be the most energy efficient.

We offer: Hayward pool pumps: Power-flo above ground pool pumps and Matrix above ground pool pumps, in-ground pool Super pumps, Northstar pool pumps, Tri-star inground pool pumps and the Super II pool pumps. We stock Pentair pool pumps: Dynamo above ground pool pumps, Intelliflo pool pumps, Challenger pumps, Super-flo pump, VS3050 in-ground pool pumps, Whisper-flo pumps and SVRS swimming pool pumps.