Chlorine and Bromine

Americas Best 3” tabs are perfect for use in most automatic chlorinators, chemical feeders, floating chlorine dispensers and skimmers. Our 3-inch chlorine tablets effectively kill virus, bacteria and destroy algae to help maintain clear and safe swimming pool water. Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione, commonly called Trichlor tablets, provides consistent and effective chlorination. Trichlor is the most popular, convenient, and low cost method of chlorinating a pool.

America’s Best 3 inch chlorine tabs are the highest quality tablets available. Our best just cost less! How many chlorine tabs does my pool need? Since they are 90% active ingredient, the strongest on the market, one tablet is designed to treat 7,500 gallons of pool water for a week. Because they are so hard pounded and compressed, our tablets dissolve more slowly ensuring dependable, even chlorine delivery.

These tablets are stabilized using Cyanuric Acid as an inhibitor, which is a very effective preventing the UV rays of sunlight from depleting chlorine from your pool prematurely. Compare our quality and value to Sun, Pace, Bioguard and Guardex.
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Bromine pool, spa or hot tub sanitizer. Bromine tablets provide great warm water sanitation and are very slow dissolving.
Price: $51.99
Granular Chlorine
Price: $26.99