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Swimming pool filters that are matched correctly to the pool pump size will ensure a proper water turn-over rate and efficient water filtration. To accomplish this, the pool filter system must have an 8-10 hour turn over rate. This is the most essential factor to maintaining safe and clear water. Each type of pool filter has a different water turn-over rate and therefore, they should be matched to the correct pool pump size for best performance.  

Pool sand filters are very user-friendly. They are referred to as High Rate, because they are designed for a fast water turnover rate. They provide superb water filtering. A sand filter performs best when you can circulate all the pool water capacity through the sand media multiple times per day. The more quickly this happens, the cleaner your water can be. 

The other two types of pool filters are Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and cartridge pool filters. These systems do not require a high water turn-over rate, because they filter very small particles efficiently with only one pass through the media. The pool filtering performance is would be reduced if you were to use a high flow pool pump. Selecting the correct size and type of pool filter depends most on the choosing the correct pump horsepower. If you are not changing your filter type, then you should use the same size pump horsepower that you have now. If you desire, you may choose a pool filter size that is slightly larger than the one being replaced. To determine the correct filter size, match your plumbing line diameter to the filter. Locate the eight hour water turn-over rate for your swimming pools capacity on the flow charts. These factors will help you to decide which pool filter to get. Keep in mind that these are the basic considerations when sizing your pool equipment. Cartridge and DE filtration pool filters can be adversely affected if you try to over size the pump or under-size the filter. It is always better to over size your filter to reduce maintenance and extend the filter cleaning cycles. 

The brand of swimming pool filtration equipment you select depends on your personal choice and budget!
Americas Best has your favorite in-ground and above ground pool filters. We feature Hayward pool filters, Pentair pool filters and Sta-Rite pool filters. They are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment everyday!