Pool vac kit for Intex and other soft sided above ground swimming pools

Scooba Vac

Price: $39.95

Intex Pool and Soft Sided Pool Vac Kit

Scooba is an easy to use vacuum solution for cleaning Intex pools.

Scooba pool vac kit will easily remove debris from any Intex and most soft sided above ground swimming pools. Simply attach the vacuum hose and the proper size adapter fitting for your pool, which are included with the Scooba vac kit. When vacuuming, the larger debris is caught in the debris bag while the smaller particles are captured in your pool filtering system.

  • Large & small adaptors for use with large and small pools and filtering systems.
  • Includes adaptors for use with multiple brands of soft sided pools.
  • Reusable leaf and debris bag.
  • Easy to assemble four-section vac pole.
  • 1-1/4 inch dia. x 16-ft. long pool vacuum hose.

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