Inground Micro-Mesh Winter Covers

Inground Micro-Mesh Winter Covers
Price: $87.95

Micro Mesh In-ground Pool Winter Covers are enviromentally friendly and will make your Spring pool opening easy!

in-ground enviro-mesh pool cover

Micro-Mesh in-ground winter pool cover can make your Spring pool opening faster and easier! One of the secrets to it's durability and function is the patented silver lace coating. This reflective silver lace helps to speed up the snow melting process and slowly fill the pool and the coating construction fortifies the fabric un-like weaker, traditional mesh pool covers. Because the fine mesh and lace combination performs so well, the pool opening in the Spring is faster without having to pump off and waste the water accumulated on top the cover. No more waiting for the cover to drain. The integrity of our fine mesh holds together, allowing only rainwater and very fine silt to pass through. Allow nature to fill the pool, which helps to save our natural resources and reduces your chemical costs. 

enviro-mesh closeup

The Micro Mesh pool cover is made made from tough U.V. protected woven polyethylene with a higher denier that is strong enough to handle ice, snow, and sleet. Rugged double-stitched hems are triple reinforced and also feature tough, sewn-in water bag loops. The underside of the cover is black to block the light and help to retard algae growth.

Micro Mesh winter pool covers for in-ground pools have a 5’ overlap and water bag loops every 4 feet for secure anchoring onto you deck using water bags. (water bags are not included). Backed by a limited 8-year manufacturers warranty. 2-years full rated. FREE SHIPPING!

Please select the cover you desire according to the size of the pool swim area.