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Pool Frog 6100 Mineral System


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Pool Frog 6100 Above Ground Pool Mineral Purifier Systems

POOL FROG 6100 Mineral Purifier Systems your pool water will look and feel better without a lot of work or a lot of pool chemicals. POOL FROG delivers simply the best pool water experience! The POOL FROG 6100 pool purification system is designed for swimming pools up to 25,000 gallons! Called the "FROG", or sometimes the FROGGER.

Pool Frog Above Ground Pool Mineral Pool Care System offers you a low-chlorine alternative! The Lazy Man's way! Each pool Frog series 5112, 6112 mineral reservoir cartridge lasts up to 6-months! Convenient, safe, gentle to the skin, and very cost effective.
Pool Frog Mineral Purifiers for above ground pools automatically kills algae and bacteria continuously as long as filtration system is operating. Reduces discolored hair and faded swimsuits! Pool FROG mineral purifiers reduce the need for chlorine by 50%. Using a Pool FROG Bac Pac chlorine cartridge eliminates the handling of acidic tablets and no more strong chlorine odor from opening pails and buckets. Normal routine shocking of the pool water is still required.
New Pool FROG feeders feature include the redesigned easy to remove cap, no tools required and new control dial for more precise feeding. The Pool Frog Cycler feeder is set-up for direct in-line plumbing with its 1.5 inch ID female threaded ports. 


There are three parts to complete the Pool FROG mineral purifier pool care system: 
1.) the Cycler Feeder; Included
2.) Mineral Reservoir Cartridge; Included
3.) Pre-filled Chlorine Bac Pac's (not included, must be ordered separately).


The Pool FROG Cycler Feeder acts as the "water treatment center" and controls the flow of water through the system. One Easy installation. Plumbs easily into existing water return line. No electricity. No extra headaches!

The Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir cartridge, which contains a proprietary blend of natural minerals and fits inside the POOL FROG Cycler. As the pool water flows, the minerals continually replenish themselves for added protection against bacteria and algae, as well as keeping your pool's pH balanced by acting as a neutralizer. The Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir will last the full season or up to 6 months; use two reservoirs for year-round pools.

The Pool FROG pre-filled chlorine Bac Pac (recommended), is then inserted into the center of the Pool FROG Reservoir and adds low level chlorine support for 1-3 weeks, depending on your pool size and use, which works along with the minerals to completely eliminate bacteria.

POOL FROG® 6100 Mineral Purification System for above ground pools allows you to cut chlorine use by up to 50% over standard water treatment programs. (Bac Pac is sold separately). Use the included Flow Control Pac (blank) in the center of the Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir if you are using a separate chlorine source.
The patented Control Dial on the front of the Pool FROG 6100 Cycler feeder lets you manage the amount of water flowing through the system. Water is circulated upward into the Mineral Reservoir and chlorine Bac Pac simultaneously. The erosion design of this system continuously dispenses chlorine from a Bac Pac at a precise low level (only 0.5 ppm is needed instead of the normally required 1.0 ppm chlorine residual for proper pool water sanitation). Once you've determined the correct setting for your pool size just set it, then forget it! Pool FROG natural minerals will make a difference you can see and feel!

Product Description:

The Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir is the heart of an advanced above ground swimming pool care system that destroys bacteria. The patented mineral formula in the Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir also neutralizes acids, which helps keep the pH in a safe range with less monitoring. The controlled release of minerals provides an optimum level of protection in your pool.

Pool FROG 6100 Mineral Purifier System reduces chlorine use up to 50% compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool. Simply use the Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir with at least 0.5 ppm of an EPA registered source of chlorine or a chlorine delivery device.

Using Pool FROG minerals with reduced chlorine levels improves swimming pool pleasure by reducing the irritations associated with chlroine including red stinging eyes, dry itchy skin, faded bathing suits, premature damage to pool equipment or surfaces and smelly odors. With the Pool FROG Mineral Reservoir, pool care was never so easy and effective. This product should only be used inside the Pool Frog Cycler and never be used alone but always supplemented with a source of chlorine. Once wetted, the time-released mineral coating of this product is effective up to 6 months or one pool season whichever is shorter. After that time, even if upon shaking you hear the spent media inside, it is no longer effective and must be replaced. Mark the calendar with stickers provided to replace this product.

POOL FROG Minerals improve swimming pool pleasure by reducing the irritations associated with chlorine.

Experience the POOL FROG difference:

  • Less work with no daily dosing of minerals or chlorine.
  • Sparkling water for above ground and in-ground pools.
  • Pre-filled pacs eliminate fumes typical of chlorine buckets.
  • Reduces red eyes.
  • Soft skin.
  • Reduces faded swimsuits.
  • Lower chlorine levels help prevent damage to equipment and surfaces.
  • The Frog System destroys bacteria.
  • The Frog Mineral System reduces chlorine use up to 50% compared to the minimum EPA recommended chlorine level of 1.0 ppm for a stabilized swimming pool.
  • When using the chlorine Bac Pac water flows through minerals and chlorine, so one unit does it all.

FROG 6100 Pool Purifier system for pools up to 25,000 gallons.


Price: $189.99