ZeoSand Filter Media

ZeoSand Filter Media
Price: $28.95

ZeoSand turns any pool sand filter into a super filter!


CHOSE ZEOSAND FOR BETTER FILTRATION & WATER QUALITY! - Provides superior water clarity compared to sand. - Each granule of ZeoSand has countless little pockets, nooks and crannies to trap dirt as small as 3 microns - 10 times smaller than sand can filter!

ZeoSand acts as a molecular sieve that catches the smallest irritating ammonia ions produced from dead organic material in the water and reduces chloramines in the water that cause eye irritation and chlorine odor. - Cuts backwashing up to 50% and saves water, energy, labor and chemical costs.

  • 50 lbs. of ZeoSand is equal to 100 lbs. of pool filter sand.
  • ZeoSand lasts up to 5 YEARS! When it is finally time for replacement, all natural ZeoSand can be mixed into your garden soil, planter boxes or spread over your lawn as a natural soil enhancer!
  • ZeoSand uses 100% natural minerals to provide excellent pool water clarity, purity, and quality.
  • ZeoSand has nearly 9800 times more square footage than sand, enabling it to filter smaller particles down to 3 microns for exceptional water clarity!

Turn your sand filter into a super filter with ZeoSand!
ZeoSand is shipped in a 50 Lb. Bag.

Zeo Filter Cleaner
Zeo filter cleaner recharges and cleans Zeobrite, ZeoLite and ZeoSand sand filter medias! It will quickly remove scale and oils extending pool filtering cycles and the life of ZeoSand filter media. (Zeo filter cleaner is sold separately). 

Up to 24" diameter pool sand filter = 1 qt.
30" to 36" diameter pool sand filter = 2 qts.