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Leisure Time Renew Spa Shock


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Leisure Time Spa Renew is the Best Non-Chlorine Spa Shock Treatment 

Leisure Time Renew chlorine-free spa sanitizer for spa & hot tub water!

Leisure Time spa renew will effectively oxidize contaminates and reduce odor-causing ammonia and chloramines as well as soaps and oils resulting in fresh, odor free, clear water. For best results use once a week. Simply add Leisure Time Spa Renew to your spa or hot tub with the recirculation and filtration system on (2 oz./250 gal.) Run system for one hour. Leisure Time spa renew is a spa shock treatment - It is not a disinfectant. Chlorine, bromine or other sanitizers are still necessary to properly disinfect the spa water.

2.2 Lb. Bottle

Price: $15.49