Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder

Diatomaceous Earth Filter Powder
Price: $23.95

Diatomaceous Earth (DE Filter Powder)

Diatomaceous earth is the pool filter media for DE filters. Let us ship it to your door - no more fine powder from leaking bags in your car! Please select the size desired below when ordering.
25-Lb. Box
All DE powder sizes are shipped in Convenient 25 lb. boxes.

Our optional DE measuring scoop helps you to measure the correct amount every time to ensure you do not over charge your Diatomateous Earth Filter. Sold separately.

Please select either our high quality Diatomaceous Earth (in a box) or our NEW Aqua Perl, the Diatomaceous Earth Alternative (in a bag), below when ordering.

Aqua Perl
Aqua Perl is 100% crystalline silica free and is volcanic in origin. Aqua Perl is a unique alternative to DE or cellulose (paper pulp) filter medias which attract oil by-products and can cause short DE pool filter cycles. A 12 lb. Bag of Aqua Perl is the functional equivalent to a 25 lbs of diatomaceous earth. 1/2 lb. of Aqua Perl (1/2 scoop) = 1 lb. of D.E. (1 scoop). Aqua Perl bag is pictured below.
Aqua Perl is the alternative to diatomaceous earth DE pool filter media. 1/2 Lb. of Aqua Perl is equal to 1 Lb. of regular DE powder.