One-Way Pool Return Inlet Valve

One-Way Pool Return Inlet Valve

Price: $15.99

One-Way Winter Pool Inlet Valve

Makes pool return line protection fast and easy! Now, one person can perform this task!

Winterization plug for threaded pool inlets. Provides a positive seal to protect plumbing return lines from freeze damage. Simply replace your current "eyeball" return fitting with this valve when winterizing, drain the water from the lines, fill with antifreeze and water is prevented from re-entering the lines.

This pool valve prevents water from entering the return lines with a unique one-way valve system. Valve can be installed without ever having to drain your pool!

Now one person can blow-out the water return line using a shop-vac from the pool equipment end of the return line.
Snap the sealing cap on for complete line protection for the winter.

Includes one plug and cap