EZ SPA® Total Care is 7 spa and hot tub care products in one easy application once per week!
Price: $40.99

EZ SPA® is a water care program that combines simplicity and incredible hot tub water quality in a once a week application. This specially blended formula manages spa water while eliminating the anxiety and confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day. EZ SPA® TOTAL CARE contains a clarifier, stable oxidizer, scale and stain inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers (pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness) to keep spa water clean, clear and trouble free. Spa water treated with E-Z SPA® TOTAL CARE is odor and foam free. The concentrated formula creates a PROACTIVE water care program that PREVENTS problems instead of treating them on a REACTIVE basis after they occur. Each application generates a tremendous amount of oxygen in the water, creating luxuriously soothing water unlike any other. The spa bather exits with skin feeling clean and soft, without obnoxious smells or residues.

  • Convenient and easy to use – just once a week
  • Superior water quality with less chemicals and testing
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, mineral purifiers and traditional sanitizers and balancers
  • Provides the simplest and most convenient solution to spa water care

Total Care comes in a 2-lb container that will last the user approximately 8-10 weeks depending on size and usage of your spa or hot tub. Dosage: Initially, and each week thereafter, dose with 1oz. (2 tablespoons) per 100 gallons. For spas assisted by ozone or spa mineral purifiers add ½ oz. per 100 gallons.