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EZ SPA® Total Care is 7 spa and hot tub care products in one easy application once per week!

EZ SPA® Total Care is 7 spa and hot tub care products in one easy application once per week!


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EZ SPA® Total Care

Total Care Maintains Spa and Hot Tub Water Safety, Clarity, Balance, and Softness, Plus it is Chlorine and Bromine Free!

EZ SPA® is a patented powdered chemical compound formulated to maintain the clarity, stability and sanitize spa and hot tub water. When appliedEZ Spa® manages the pH, creates a highly effective oxidizer and conditioning combination, clarifies, softens, and helps maintain a more stable water balance. It 
has been formulated to be compatible with all spa surfaces, filtration systems, chemicals, and current equipment. The end result is clear, soft, spring-like spa water, free of chemical odor or residue.

EZ Spa® Total Care is a multi-faceted spa and hot tub chemical blend. That's why EZ SPA® Total Care is different from other conventional spa water treatments. It is designed to do the many jobs that usually require several spa chemicals and result in a good deal of anxiety for spa owners. It contains the World’s only sustaining oxidizer, non-bleaching and working up to 7 days on a single dose. It is very consumer friendly!

EZ Spa®
enerates a tremendous amount of oxygen with each dose, creating luxuriously soothing water unlike any other. The spa bather exits with skin feeling clean and soft, without obnoxious smells or residues.

EZ Spa®
s designed to be compatible with all other conventional spa chemicals and hot tub products including balancers, clarifiers, enzyme products, bromine and chlorine too! Simply use these products much less often and only as needed. 

EZ Spa®
Total Care comes in a 
2-lb container will last the user approximately 8-10 weeks depending on size and usage of your spa or hot tub.
Dosage: Initially, and each week thereafter, dose with 1oz. (2 tablespoons) per 200 gallons for spas assisted by ozone or spa mineral purifiers or 1oz. per 100 gallons with no ozone or mineral purifier assistance.
2-Lb. bottle

 EZ SPA Total Care 2-Lb Price: $40.99