In-ground Winter Covers

Americas Best Winter Pool Cover for In-ground Pools

You can count on our quality solid winter pool covers for in-ground pools to provide years of good service protecting your pool when it is closed for the winter months. Covering your pool completely and securely using a standard solid in-ground pool winter cover with water bags, after the addition of the proper pool closing chemicals is the secret to an easy pool opening in the spring.
An inground winter pool cover is designed to protect the pool surfaces and to prevent blowing leaves, debris, and dirt from getting into your swimming pool, so that the water under the cover will remain clean and algae free until you re-open the pool in the spring. An inground winter pool cover can make a huge difference in the time and cost of pool opening and maintenance. This type of solid winter pool cover is designed to be secured in place using water bags or water tubes to weight the perimeter of the pool cover onto the deck. Our rectangle in-ground swimming pool covers are available in several qualities, strengths and prices to suit your needs. The strength and durability of the pool cover is best recognized by the duration of the manufacturer's limited warranty: 8-year, 10-year, 12-year, 16-year and 20-year warranty, which is the longest in the industry. Purchase an in-ground winter pool cover from Americas Best for the quality and our low price. Save more with our Polar series inground pool covers and closing accessories.