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Splashes pool chemicals are biguanide. Splashes is chlorine free! Just as effective and compatible with BAQUACIL®, Revacil® or Soft Swim® swimming pool chemicals!

Splashes pool chemicals are biguanide. The biguanide pool chemical formula delivers a chlorine-free pool sanitation alternative to chlorine, that is non-irritating to eyes, gentle to the skin, swimsuits and swimming pool liners. Splashes gives you the swimming comfort you’re looking for!

Splashes pool chemical sanitizer and algistat is extremely stable and is not affected by sunlight, temperature or pH fluctuations, so it‘s very easier to manage without pool water anxieties. Splashes® biguanide swimming pool chemicals offers consistent, long-lasting protection. With just one application, Splashes pool chemicals control bacteria levels for as long as 10-14 days.

Splashes swimming pool chemicals will keep your pool water clear, silky smooth feeling, soft, and most of all, it's freedom from chlorine or bromine chemicals!

Splashes pool chemicals offers a simple 3-step, three core product pool care system that gives freedom from time consuming pool maintenance!

Splashes pool chemicals provide complete protection against bacteria and algae - without the harsh effects of chlorine. It is ideal for any type of swimming pool: in-ground, above-ground, fiberglass, vinyl or plaster.

Splashes biguanide pool chemicals gives you - Peace of mind - because you get more dependable, more consistent bacteria control and more time to enjoy fun in the water with your family! Take the plunge into the care-free lifestyle that comes with using the Splashes Pool Care System.

Only Three Easy Steps to Success:

The Splashes pool care system is a simple chlorine-free 3-step system composed of three core products:

  1. Sanitize with: Splashes pool Sanitizer and Algistat
  2. Prevent algae with: Splashes pool Algicide
  3. Oxidize with: Splashes pool Oxidizer Shock 


The use of Baquacil®, Soft Swim® and Revacil® and their logos is for comparison purposes only.

Algae Clear
Algae Clear
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Metal Free Pool Chemical
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Filter Cleaner
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AquaChek Biguanide dip-and-read pool water test strips keep water testing simple, yet they offer more accuracy than most traditional pool and spa water testing methods.
Biguanide Test Strips
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Cloud Out is a fast acting oxidizer that clears cloudy pool water fast! Great for use in Chlorine, Bromine, Baquacil and Biguanide treated pools!
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Super Clarifier
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Super Floc Clarifier
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No Mor Problems Algaecide
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pH Increaser
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pH Reducer
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Total Alkalinity Increaser
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Calcium Hardness Increaser
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Chlorine Neutralizer
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