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Pool Water Balance Chemicals

Test your swimming pool water weekly and add the proper pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness pool chemicals to ensure that the pool water levels are balanced and within the correct pool water balance range according to your water test results.

Our swimming pool water balance chemicals are strong and quick dissolving to help you achieve a proper pool water balance for maximum pool sanitizer performance and swimmer comfort. Maintaining the pH in the ideal range of 7.4 to 7.6 provides the best swimming environment and protection for pool surfaces.

Controlling the balance of your pool water will prevent corrosion, cloudy water, pool staining, scale formation, filtration problems, extend vinyl liner life, ensure proper sanitizer action and improve swimmer comfort.

pH Increaser
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Price: $13.99 
pH Reducer
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Price: $22.99 
Total Alkalinity Increaser
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Price: $7.99 
pHree and Clear pool water balancing tablets helps to adjust pool pH, Total Alkalinity and Clarify pool water together with your pool 3 inch trichlor chlorine tablets.
pHree & Clear Pool Balance Tablets
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Price: $34.99 
Calcium Hardness Increaser
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Price: $19.99 
Chlorine Stabilizer Conditioner
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Price: $27.99 
Pool chlorine stabilizer and water conditioner in a liquid, for instant pool chlorine protection! No more waiting for granular cyanuric acid to dissolve!
Pool Water Conditioner/Stabilizer
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Price: $29.99 
Chlorine Neutralizer
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Price: $13.99