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Shop swimming pool Solar Blankets for economical and Eco friendly pool heating.

Swimming Pool Solar Blankets, Solar Covers and Rings

We stock hundreds of swimming pool solar blankets and solar pool covers for inground and above ground pools. Our solar blankets that are available in blue, blue/black, blue/silver, clear/silver and clear, 5-Mil, 8-Mil, 12-Mil and 16-Mil. A solar blanket provides free heating from the sun! The solar blanket captures and transfers heat absorbed from sunlight directly to the pool water. A pool solar cover can help extend your swim season and save you hundreds of dollars in pool heating cost!
Using a solar cover provides the most economical pool heating. Although a solar pool covers are light and fairly easy to handle, many people choose to use a solar reel to make cover handling easier. This is how a pool heating cover works: the solar blanket floats on the surface of the water because it is made of thousands of puncture resistant, sealed air cells called bubbles. When exposed to sunlight, the temperature inside these small bubbles gets extremely hot. The captured heat inside the bubbles is transferred directly to the water. The proper way to install a solar cover is with the bubble side facing down toward the water. With the proper amount of sunlight exposure, this heating blanket can raise the water temperature as much as 15 degrees! 

Pool solar cover performance depends mostly on the amount of sunlight exposure to the swimming pool. Under most circumstances, all solar blankets perform equally well when compared to other types and color variations. All solar covers also insulate the water from being cooled by the wind and lower night air temperatures.

There are also other products being used to warm and insulate the water. A liquid solar blanket and liquid solar pills reduce pool water evaporation and heat loss. A liquid solar blanket or solar pill is only about 70% as effective as covering a swimming pool completely. If you reduce pool water evaporation, you can control and reduce pool heat loss too.

All of these pool covers will do a fine job of warming and insulating the water. A heavier Mil solar blanket should last longer with proper care.

If your swimming pool has a gas heater, using a solar cover will dramatically reduce your energy cost and can easily reduce your pool heating cost to half! An inground solar pool cover will pay for itself in terms of energy savings in just one swim season!

Swimming pool solar blankets may seem like a nuisance to put on and remove from the water for some pool owners. However, the energy cost savings and warm water benefits received is well worth the trouble. If you find that a solar blanket is still too much for you to deal with, consider installing a solar cover reel or alternatively using the liquid solar blanket. Maybe handling solar rings is easier for you. These choices greatly reduce the aggravation compared to handling a solar blanket manually.  

Heating your swimming pool has never been easier. Enjoy your swimming pool more and extend your swim season. We have hundreds of blankets in-stock, ready for fast and free shipping! Many of our customers receive their cover in only one day!

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