Safety Pool Covers

Mesh and Solid Safety Pool Covers

These swimming pool covers lock down onto the deck providing strong winter protection to help keep children, pets and wildlife safe!

Meyco safety covers can be custom made to order. They help to protect your family and pets from accidental drowning and provide great aesthetics to compliment your backyard during the winter.

Mesh safety pool covers are the most popular in-ground swimming pool cover. The solid safety cover is popular in geographical areas that do not receive heavy snow loads. These pool covers provide a barrier of pool protection that can support hundreds of pounds. Many people call them "walk-on pool covers". 

Safety covers for in-ground and on-ground pools provide the best pool protection and peace of mind for pool owners. They provide the protection from the worst winter snow and wind can bring. Most importantly, swimming pool safety cover provides protection for children, pets and wildlife from accidental drowning when installed. We stock many standard rectangle sizes of safety pool covers. We can custom order other shapes and sizes to fit your pool.

The initial installation of a safety cover requires drilling holes into the concrete pool deck. Then, brass deck anchors are permanently placed and tampted into the holes. The deck anchors will recess flush with the deck to prevent tripping or stubbing toes during the swim season. If you do not have a concrete deck, there are different types of cover deck anchors available. There are anchors for wood decks, brick and pavers. S
tainless steel adjustment buckles and stainless steel springs are then attached to the safety cover fabric straps. Safety covers stretch tight and lock down over the pool swim area. The cover is installed by attaching the stainless steel spring onto the brass deck anchor, then pulling the cover straps tight using an installation tool.

Safety pool covers are made of either mesh or solid fabric. They both offer protection for your swimming pool. The only difference is the type of fabric used. Each fabic type has different advantages. Mesh covers will block most of the sunlight from penetrating through the pool cover. Sunlight can cause algae to develop in the pool water by early spring time. A mesh in-ground pool cover allows water to drain through and debris will just blow away. Small amounts of silt and dirt may pass through the mesh.

Solid pool covers are made of reinforced vinyl that blocks all the sunlight. The vinyl cover will help to stop algae growth better. Most solid covers drain through a small mesh panel built into the middle area of the cover. They will keep more fine silt and dirt out of the pool. If you choose to have no drain panels, you must use an automatic cover pump to remove water off the cover.

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Mesh Safety Cover
Price: $409.95
Solid Safety Pool Cover
Price: $607.95
Meyco pool covers are built tough! Meyco safety covers provide swimming pool protection during the off season.
Price: $679.95
Pro-Mesh Safety Cover
Price: $939.95
Ultra Light Solid Cover
Price: $1,129.95