Leaf Catcher Nets

Pool Leaf Catcher Net Pool Covers

Swimming pool leaf net covers prevent leaves and debris from accumulating on top of winter pool covers. This makes pool opening faster and easy!

Pool leaf net covers make opening your swimming pool in the Spring much easier and faster. Normally opening the pool is a super-tough job because of all the leaves and debris that accumulate on top of your pool winter cover. Removing your pool winter without a leaf net can make the job troublesome. A winter cover alone can become so heavy and water logged with leaves that you can't remove the cover without spending hours of drudgery dipping out decaying leaves! A swimming pool leaf net is the answer!

Our pool leaf catcher nets are specially made to be installed over the top of your regular solid winter pool cover before the leaves begin to fall. After all the leaves have fallen, yet before the first snowfall, remove the leaf catcher net with the leaves quickly and easily! Spring clean-up will now be a snap! If your backyard is plagued with blowing leaves in the fall, make your swimming pool care easier for spring with our leaf catcher net pool covers. This pool leaf catcher net is made of strong and durable polyethylene netting with small openings.

Please order the leaf net pool covers according to the swim area of your pool. Inground pool leaf net covers are rectangle in shape and will be larger than the pool swim area listed so that it may be secured properly onto the deck using water bags. Above ground leaf nets will be secured using a cable and turnbuckle winch that is included.