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Winterization Plugs for swimming Pool Closing

We offer different syles of winter plugs to provide the right protection you need for your pool plumbing lines, valves and water return inlets. Threaded winter plugs are available with o-ring and they fit 1-1/2 inch standard inlets for most above ground and in-ground pools. If you need protection for other sizes or valves, use the tapered rubber plugs. We also offer a threaded, one-way plug that allows you to easily evacuate the water from the plumbing lines using a shop vac, which is most popular for in-ground pools. 

Threaded Winter Plug 1-1/2 inch
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Price: $2.89 
Pool winter plug is a tapered rubber expansion plug that features black rubber with stainless steel washers, slotted screw and an easy to turn wing-nut for securing it into a valve, fitting or line opening.
Tapered Rubber Expansion Plug 1-1/2 inch
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Price: $3.79 
One-Way Pool Return Inlet Valve
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Price: $15.99