Winter Closing Kits

Pool Winterization Chemical Kits

Provide Greater Convenience and Cost Savings!

Pool Winter Closing Kits Simplify Pool Care!

Swimming pool winter closing kits have just what you need for to winterize your pool until spring. All the chemicals in our Winter Pool Closing Kit should be added to the pool water according to the size or gallon capacity of your pool. This makes it very convenient without having to measure for the proper dosage! 

Our Swimming Pool Winterization Kits are designed for convenience, pre-measured using concentrated chemical formulas for a proper winter pool closing. We do not include chemicals that you do not need, like Winter Alkalizer pH stabilizer. You do not need this especially if you normally have a high pH and high Total Alkalinity! Our winter closing kits have been produced and used for many years of proven success preventing algae bloom and keeping your pool water clear in the springtime when the pool cover comes off. We offer both types of pool winterization kits, chlorine winter closing kits and non-chlorine winter closing kits. Both types of pool winterization
kits  do an excellent job! If you are wondering, okay, what's the difference between the two and why should I use one over the other? When winterizing the swimming pool, some folks disconnect and prepare the equipment for winter first, before adding the winter closing chemicals . Since the equipment is off-line, they choose to use a  non-chlorine pool closing kit that can be broadcast directly into the pool water without circulating. If you have the opportunity to circulate the pool closing chemicals for a couple hours prior to closing your pool, you can effectively use a chlorine winter closing kit if you desire. Our Chlorine based pool winterization chemical kit is also Safe for use in Vinyl Liner pools without causing liner fading or discoloration!