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 Pool Chlorine and Bromine Swimming Pool Sanitizers

Compare our pool chlorine and bromine ingredients to any other brand! Check it for yourself; if the ingredients are the same, it is the same! Our swimming pool chemical sanitizers just cost less!

POOL CHLORINE: Each pool chlorine tablet and stick contains 99% pure Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. Each stabilized pool chlorine tablet is powerful, with 90% available chlorine. Our tablets are super hard for unsurpassed density and slow dissolve rate. Our individually wrapped 3" chlorine tablets are safer to handle. The 3" and 1" chlorine tablets and chlorine sticks are the perfect size for chemical floaters, dispensers, feeders and most automatic chlorinators.

The 3" tablet size is the HOTTEST SELLING, BEST PRICE chlorine sanitizer!

You must maintain a proper bromine or chlorine sanitizer level at all times to keep your swimming pool water safe and clear for swimmers. Balance the pool water for the sanitizer to work well.

To make your pool care easier, all you have to do is to develop a simple pool care routine. A pool care routine using the right chlorine products can save you many hours of maintenance and hundreds of dollars per year. All you need to do is to follow a few steps each week with a basic understanding of how swimming pool chemicals work. This is enough to provide you with safe and clear water. In the beginning, you may find it helpful to write the pool care schedule on a calendar until it becomes a once a week routine. You can read more information about how chlorine works to disinfect and sanitize pool water. =>> Pool Chlorine Sanitizer Info

America's Best pool chlorine tablets for swimming pool sanitation!
3 inch Chlorine Tablets
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Price: $34.99 
Bromine pool, spa or hot tub sanitizer. Bromine tablets provide great warm water sanitation and are very slow dissolving.
Bromine Tablets
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Price: $29.99 
America's Best quality and value priced 1 inch chlorine tablets for swimming pool sanitation!
1 inch Chlorine Tablets
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Price: $51.99 
Super Skimmer Tabs
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Price: $89.99 
Chlorine Sticks
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Price: $49.99 
Granular Chlorine
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Price: $12.99 
Calcium Hypochlorite granular chlorine in larger sizes will save you more money! Get quick chlorination results using our Cal-Hypo granules.
Calcium Hypochlorite
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Price: $97.99 
New Water Cycler Replacement Cartridge Pac
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Price: $49.95