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Leisure Time Free Biguanide Spa Chemicals

Leisure Time Free biguanide spa chemicals are bromine free, chlorine free and compatible with BaquaSpa® spa and hot tub chemicals!

Biguanide spa chemicals by Leisure Time have No Bromine, No Fumes and No Irritation!

Americas Best has made a spa chemical change to reduce your spa chemical cost without loosing the benefits you have come to enjoy!

BaquaSpa® chemical compatible! Leisure Time Free biguanide spa chemicals are completely compatible with BaquaSpa® spa chemicals. Leisure Time Free will enhance your spa and hot tub experience for maximum hot tub enjoyment! 

With Leisure Time Free spa chemicals the hot tub water feels softer, it's much easier on the eyes and skin and there's no odor. The spa water has NO strong odor because Leisure Time Free spa chemicals do not produce chloramines and noxious fumes like chlorine and bromine. The spa water quality is much easier to manage using biguanide chemicals because it doesn't upset the pH balance and the spa sanitizer is more stable, lasting longer than chlorine or bromine spa chemical sanitizers. Leisure Time biguanide spa chemical care system is a simple 1, 2, 3 step system — added once each week.

Leisure Time Free biguanide spa chemicals provides powerful, long-lasting protection against bacteria. There is no burning eyes, harsh chemical odor, no bleached hair or dry, itchy skin. 

Leisure Time Free biguanide spa chemical system is compatible with all Leisure Time spa water balancing, clarifiers and defoamer chemicals.
Less time taking care of your spa, translates into more time soaking in it. And isn't that why you bought your spa in the first place?

The LeisureTime Free spa and hot tub care system controls bacteria longer than bromine or chlorine, so you use it less often. Leisure Time Free doesn't affect pH levels, so you will do less water testing and balancing which helps to relieve spa water chemistry anxieties. This is all you have to do using the LeisureTime Free spa care system: Follow your normal spa filter cleaning routine. Just once a week, use biguanide dip and read test strips to check the sanitizer and pH levels, balance your pH and then do the following:

  1. Add Free Spa Sanitizer if necessary.
  2. Add the appropriate amount of Control
  3. Add Boost Spa Oxidizer "Shock" treatment  and you're done! 

With Chlorine: Spa and Hot Tub sanitizer levels vary widely throughout the day and may require daily additions. Even with these daily additions, bacteria levels fluctuate greatly.

With Biguanide: The spa sanitizer offers consistent, long-lasting protection. With just one application, bacteria levels are controlled more effectively and for as long as 10–14 days!

So, what are you waiting for? Leisure Time Free spa care system will give you the best spa water you've ever had, and make it so much more enjoyable without the fumes, odor and dry skin! Reduce the aggravation and the time you spend trying to keep the spa water clear and safe, so that when you're ready, the hot tub's ready. Experience the difference with your next hot tub water change! Americas Best delivers all the fun at lower prices you're sure to enjoy too!

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Leisure Time Free Spa Sanitizer
Leisure Time Free
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Price: $17.99 
Spa Control
Leisure Time Control
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Price: $15.99 
Boost Spa Shock & Oxidizer
Leisure Time Boost
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Price: $9.49 
Leisure Time Bright & Clear spa and hot tub water clarifier
Leisure Time Bright & Clear
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Price: $11.49 
Leisure Time Calcium Booster increases the calcium hardness in spa and hot tub water.
Leisure Time Calcium Boost
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Price: $9.59 
Filter Clean by Leisure Time spa chemicals thoroughly cleans spa and hot tub cartridge filters over night.
Leisure Time Filter Clean
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Price: $13.99 
Leisure Time Foam Down instantly removes foam and suds in spa and hot tub water. 1-Qt.
Leisure Time Foam Down
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Price: $13.99 
Metal Gon - Leisure Time spa chemical prevents hot tub and spa staining from metals in the water. 1-Pt.
Leisure Time Metal Gon
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Price: $8.59 
Alkalinity increaser by Leisure Time raises the total alkalinity of water in spas and hot tubs.
Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser
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Price: $7.59 
Leisure Time Liquid Spa Up pH increaser spa and hot tub chemicals. 1-Qt
Leisure Time Spa Up
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Price: $9.59 
Spa pH down reduces ph, lowering both pH and total alkalinity. Leisure Time Liquid Spa Down pH reducer 1-Qt
Leisure Time Spa Down
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Price: $9.59 
Jet Clean
Leisure Time Jet Clean
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Price: $8.59 
Cover Care & Conditioner
Leisure Time Spa Cover Care
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Price: $10.79